Apple Pie Champion

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This Fourth of July weekend has been full of festivities, flags, fireworks, parades and red, white and blue, but nothing could be more American than apple pie.

People from all over the area traveled to Harmar Village for the Tenth Annual Apple Pie contest.

The pies were judged by three local community members, including our own Gil McClanahan. Each tasted 30 pies, surprisingly, most contestants do not have a secret recipe.

Contestants were able to enter up two pies and the apples were the only fruit that could be used.

This year's winner was James Miracle of Vienna whose pie had a American Flag on the top.

There were a lot of different competitions this weekend; motorcross, tuff truck, demolition derby, but this one was definitely the tastiest.

Teri Creecy of Elizabeth takes fifth place, Shirley Lapann wins fourth place, coming in third is Jan Phillips of Williamstown, Kelly Lincoln of Chester Hill places second, and of course the winner is James Miracle of Vienna who incidentally is the first man to win the contest.

The top three winners received a gift basket. The remaining pies were auctioned off some as high as $250.