Out in the Cold

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This story began with a call from a parent. She tells us that during Thursday's high winds, children were let of an elementary school for recess, but while the official temperature was above freezing, the winds made it feel like it was below freezing.

“Kids like to get out after lunchtime, and they need that opportunity, but we need to make sure that when they do go out they're in conditions that are conducive to their health,” says Bill Niday, Wood County Schools Superintendent.

School officials tell us Thursday provided them with a unique set of guidelines. They add, however, that elementary schools do have guidelines for sending out their students at midday. Guidelines which involve wind chill factors.

“Generally speaking, they use 32 degrees freezing. Some use a little higher, 40 degrees, and most use a wind chill consideration as well,” says Ralph Paugh, Director of Elementary Education for Wood County Schools.

Paugh adds there are accommodations made in case kids can't be let out, but officials say youngsters often need time during the day to get some fresh air. School officials add Wood County has no specific rules regarding letting out youngsters out for recess.