Summer Nutrition Program

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During summer vacation, it can be difficult for parents to make sure their children are eating good, nutritious meals.

Fortunately, a local summer nutrition program is helping keep kids healthy, without pulling on parents' purse strings.

Elsie Horton is the mother of two, meaning two more mouths to feed. And she's grateful for all the help she can get.

"I'm now on two incomes, so everything the way it is, you know this is a great help," Horton said.

Emily Dunfee is an AmeriCorps volunteer who every weekday from noon until 1:00 p.m. spends time preparing lunch for anyone ages one to 18 at the Belpre Pool.

"Moms and dads both have to work now. They can't stay home and fix them lunch, so they come here and get a free lunch, and it works out really well," Dunfee said.

Miranda Kridler is another volunteer who understands the importance of a healthy meal.

"I see the need. When you're feeding 75 kids a day down by the pool, it's striking to think how many of those kids wouldn't be eating otherwise," Kridler said.

And their good deeds aren't going unnoticed by the parents or their children.

"The people who prepare it are really nice. So, we can sit and talk to them while we eat," Maegan Williams, a participant in the program, said.

"The idea that this is here and that people can bring their kids here to have a free lunch, I think that's, I mean who doesn't like a free anything right?" Horton said.

The program is funded by the Ohio Department of Education, and will last through August 14th.

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