Beyond C8

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The study by a court-appointed science panel on the presence of C8 among Mid-Ohio Valley residents may open the door for future chemical studies.

The C8 Science Panel has been conducting the study of the presence in local residents of the chemical DuPont Washington works uses to make Teflon.

A national environmental health magazine says the study so far has found high concentrations of C8 in Little Hocking Water Association customers...and concentrations of other chemicals in residents of surrounding areas.

The article states the project's findings could be used as a reference for future legal settlements on environmental exposure cases.

A statement from DuPont Spokeswoman Robin Ollis Stemple says: "This paper ...was published in a scientific journal and contains information that has previously been communicated to the community through town meetings, websites and media. DuPont continues to support the ongoing work of the Science Panel."

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