Housing Other Counties' Inmates

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This month marks the fifth year anniversary since the new Washington County Correctional Facility opened.

But one of the main factors that helps the jail maintain operations doesn't include Washington County inmates.

Captain Dean Ketelsen says the facility is seeing an increase in the number of out-of-county inmates.

Ketelsen says because of sentencing laws changing, more inmates are being sent to jail rather than prison, which is causing many of Ohio's jails to overflow.

He says by charging $60 a day to house each out-of-county inmate, that extra money helps fund operations, supplies and even keep jobs.

"If we don't have the prisoner count up, we don't need all the manpower to run the jail," Ketelsen said. "We've been averaging 95, 97 prisoners a day, and it keeps everybody employed."

Ketelsen says about a quarter of the jails' inmates are from other counties, and he anticipates housing them to bring in an extra $200,000 this year.

He says the jail has these contracts with 15 counties.

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