Parkersburg House Fire

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Fire destroys a Parkersburg house, no one is injured.

Reports indicate a “misuse of fuel” may have sparked the blaze at 1232 22nd Street.

Firefighters were called to the scene Saturday afternoon, the blaze caused $100,000 in damage to the structure.

No one was injured, but fighting fires in the heat of the summer takes a toll on firefighters.

Captain Doug Life of the Parkersburg Fire Department says, "On the hot, humid days the firemen need to be rotated in and out faster because they will suffer heat exhaustion. We need more men on a fire. We were assisted by the Wood County Rescue who brought water and their misting device to put a fine spray into the air to cool us off."

Captain Life says that does not slow down firefighting efforts, each firefighter will last about 20 minutes before they need to be cooled off.

The investigation into this fire is continuing because no cause has been found.