Roads Closed for Sweet Corn Festival

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If you're traveling through Marietta this weekend, there are a couple of streets you won't be able to drive down.

Starting Friday at noon the one-hundredth block of Butler Street as well as a portion of Front Street from Butler Street to the post office, have been blocked off.

These streets are closed for Friday night's Mayor's Jubilee and this weekends Sweet Corn Festival.

Mayor Michael Mullen says although it may be a temporary inconvenience for drivers, it's good for festival-goers and the city of Marietta.

"Not only are they getting together and having a good time with their family and friends, but they're patronizing the local merchants and bringing activity to town. And it's just so critical that we keep doing things to keep our towns alive," Mayor Mullen said.

Festival activities start Friday evening at 4:00 and last all day Saturday.

Officials say the streets will be back open by Sunday at noon.

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