Hunts Plead "No Contest"

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While entering "no contest" pleas to petit larceny charges, neither of the Hunts acknowledged what they were originally accused of: taking money from the organization "Battle Against Cystic Fibrosis" for their own use. In the case of Christopher Hunt, it involved money from the BACF football game, which should have been paid to a Marietta sporting goods store.

“The costs were never paid to Bob Zide, who had given the supplies to the organization for its use at that event,” says Sean Francisco, Assistant Prosecutor.

Jackie Hunt admits she had the responsibility of turning over to the organization funds raised during last year's charity basketball game. She said the money wasn't kept in a secure place.

Jackie Hunt, Co-Defendant, says, “I did lie about the situation surrounding the basketball game, but only because I was trying to protect the upcoming football game.

Judge Jeff Reed asked, “Did you report to anyone at the time that this money was stolen?

Hunt said, “No, I did not.”

In addition to paying back the money to the organization, the hunts both face possible jail time and fines. Their sentencing is set for January.

“We're looking forward to putting all of this behind us, and putting all of our efforts toward raising money for this disease,” says Kay Grose, President, BACF Board of Directors.

Gross says the publicity over the hunts' case has not affected BACF's fund-raising efforts.