Unemployment Options

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As the unemployment rate continues to rise, more people are searching for ways to survive financially.

The Washington County Department of Job and Family Services has multiple programs to help people with every-day problems like feeding their families.

Some of the programs available include food stamps, child care, medicaid, programs that can assist in rent and utility payments, and most importantly, helping people get back in the workforce.

"Most people are used to working and they want to work, so most of them don't want to be sitting around drawing the unemployment. They'd rather have a job, and so we try to help make that connection to get them back into the workforce to help them and their families," Chris Buchanan, a supervisor at WCDJFS, said.

Officials say the best way to find out if you're eligible for any of these programs is to stop by the Job and Family Services office.

You can also check out its Web site at www.wcdjfs.org.

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