Back to School Bargain Shopping

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It's that time of year again when parents and students are starting to buy their back-to-school items, and in today's tough economy, more people are working to make their dollars go further.

"We buy the kids' school clothes and grandkids' clothes for daycare," Leslie Poulton, a Goodwill customer, said.

Poulton loves a good bargain, especially when she has a lengthy shopping list.

"My brother has three, and I have a grandchild and a grandson that's starting school. With that we try to help each other, and I'm always picking up for them for the kids for school because it's cheaper," Poulton said. "The kids get name brand stuff here just like you get at the mall and stuff."

Parents are already flocking to Goodwill for their back-to-school supplies and clothes, and employees are anticipating this back-to-school season to be the biggest one yet.

"Things are really rough on people right now, and we have very good prices, so I think we're going to see a good out-turn," Wanda Welch, a Goodwill employee, said.

As the economy sends more looking for lower prices, Poulton knows many who are finding them by shopping at Goodwill.

"Especially to get their kids' school clothes, a lot of them do," she said.

Causing them to shop when the prices drop.

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