Officers Tracking Down Scam Artist Suspects

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Officials estimate there could be up to 16 families in the Mid-Ohio Valley who have been scammed by a fake paving company. Officials are continuing to track down suspects and want to make sure anyone else who was a victim comes forward.

Darrell McCune lives with his 82-year-old mother Donna in Wood County.

McCune said they were scammed last week when people claiming to be with "A to Z paving" stopped to take photos of his truck.

"By the time I looked down there they had already had poured it and started spreading it," said Donna McCune.

The McCunes said that the workers mentioned that the blacktop they put down was free but they would need money to buy materials to fix the walkway.

Wood County Sheriff Jeff Sandy said they have arrest warrants for three more suspects and have already arrested one suspect, Josh Caldwell, of Princeton West Virginia .

Wood, Washington, and Roane County officials are investigating.

Sheriff Larry Mincks said there was a similar scam in Roane County.

Caldwell has been charged with theft and remains behind bars on a $7500 bond.

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