Monitoring Motorists

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Updated: 04/16/2013 5:50 P.M.

Marietta Police Tuesday kept an eye on Front Street motorists, to make sure they were keeping an eye on people crossing the street.

It was all part of a compliance check on two Front Street crosswalks, installed four years ago as part of a safety upgrade.

Capt. Jeff Waite says no violators were found in the brief compliance check.

A few years ago, it was estimated five million vehicles travel on Front street each year.


2009 story:

It's been about two months since the completion of the Front Street project in Marietta, and folks say so far, they're pleased with the changes.

One of the main goals of the project was to make Front Street more pedestrian friendly.

By adding raised, brick crosswalks and flashing lights, the hope was that traffic would slow down and allow pedestrians to cross safely, and pedestrians say it's a major improvement.

"You can see them start to slow down for you, where as before I swear they sped up if they saw a pedestrian, but yeah it's obviously working now," Ted Szabo, a pedestrian, said.

The project also included enhancing the look of Front Street, and business owners say that's been beneficial for them too.

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