Tanning Beds Move into High Risk Cancer Category

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Many people like having that sun-kissed look and use tanning beds to accomplish that, but a new report may have some tanning bed users thinking twice.

"It was scary. It scared me enough, I don't tan anymore," Jeanne Sanders said about having precancerous spots.

Sanders used tanning beds for years, and wishes she knew then what she knows now.

"I've had a few problems. I'm paying the price for it. I've had precancerous spots removed from my face just recently, and I have a couple more on my back," Sanders said.

"They could use a bronzer, self tanners, spray tanning, which looks very natural now," Monica Cestaric, a Licensed Aesthetician, said.

Cestaric works at Bodylogic in Vienna, and frequently sees clients with skin damage from tanning.

"Initially it looks great when you're about 20, and then after that you can really tell," Cestaric said.

But the problem is more than skin deep.

"Ten visits or more in one year to the tanning bed increases your risk of melanoma by 800 percent, so if that's not a reason to stay out of the tanning bed I don't know what is, because typically people go more than that even in a month," Cestaric said.

Knowing the risks, but taking that chance is a category Sanders says her daughters fall in.

"They have to make their own decisions, but they know the things I've been going through. They know what it causes and that they should stop," Sanders said.

Dermatologists say there are dangers to tanning naturally too, but moderate amounts of sun are still safer than tanning beds.

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