Puppy Breeding Update

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Last Friday the Washington County Sheriff's Office raided the home of a woman who had been allegedly running a dog breeding facility.

Sheriff's officials said they not only found numerous dogs, but also a lot of cash that had been stashed away.

Sheriff officials said that they found more than 200,000 dollars in cash in Sharon Robert's home on 700 Tick Ridge Road.

More than 70 dogs were found. One of those dogs was dead. A veterinarian preliminary report showed the dog that died had parvo, an airborne disease, ring worm and suffered from malnutrition.
Officials said the dogs are still in care of Sharon Roberts, but are being checked in on by humane officers.

Sheriff officials said they are still investigating and anticipate charges to come soon.

Numerous complaints have led Washington County authorities to a possible illegal puppy breeding facility.

Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks says his department served a search warrant Friday afternoon at Sharon Roberts' residence at 700 Tick Ridge Road.

On the property , officials found nearly 70 puppies of different breeds.

"We did find numerous dogs here. We did find a dead dog here, numerous documents we found inside the home that we're still going through at this point determining our course of action," Deputy Keelin Mcleish said.

Sheriff Mincks says Roberts made a diversion agreement with Wood County after she was found running a similar facility last August.

The agreement states that Roberts will not be prosecuted as long as she doesn't own or operate another breeding facility.

While Roberts isn't facing charges now, officials do say all evidence collected in the investigation will be handed over to Washington and Wood County prosecuting attorneys.

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