1092nd Questions

Sergeant First Class Mary Cannon-Lee is in a situation unique to others who have family serving in Iraq. She is currently working in a support position for the 1092nd Engineering Company, while her husband, Terry, is overseas serving with the same company.

“Not only is my husband over there, but my son-in-law has just deployed with the 3664th Maintenance Company. They have a new baby, and I just can't fathom them leaving these babies. My husband hasn't seen the babies,” said SGT Cannon-Lee.

U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller visited Iraq earlier this year. He says he was told troops there would be regularly kept informed of their service status. He says that hasn't happened.

“For the regular military, they do their 20 years and they're out. For the Guard, their date is never certain,” said Sen. Jay Rockefeller.

While the families of these servicemen and women are concerned about their loved ones coming home, Sen. Rockefeller says it's unusual they haven't been told up to now when that might happen, and Rockefeller says the military has to lessen its use of National Guard members.

“We have a much higher percentage of Guard in the Iraq war than we have had in any war, by 10 or 15 percent as compared to regular troops,” said Rockefeller.

Lee says the best answer she's been given about the 10-92nd is that it could be back in this country next spring. The unit was called to active duty last February, but wasn't sent to Iraq until April.