Design Nearly Complete for Armory Square

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With help from a $323,000 grant, the Armory Square project in Marietta is another step closer to becoming a multi-purpose facility that will benefit tourists and the community.

"It'll be what we hope is the first destination when they come to visit us, which will give them all the information they will need for a longer stay," Wendy Wharff, executive director of the Convention and Visitor's Bureau, said.

The design is nearly complete, and in a little more than a year, the National Guard Armory will house the Convention and Visitor's Bureau, giving tourists a state of the art information center where they can find anything they need during their stay.

"Perhaps a one-stop shopping destination where they can get tickets to different attractions, and tours and that sort of thing," Wharff said.

There's no doubt the Armory will make things easier for tourists, but it's also a project that those living in the community can look forward to.

"The Armory Square is going to be a multi-use community center that will have availability for lots of community activities and groups to come in and utilize that facility," Mayor Michael Mullen said.

The building is also planned to be used as a transportation hub, an area for local vendors to set up and also a place to host a variety of events; just a few ways for visitors to interact with the community.

"Often times a crowd attracts a crowd, and so we can get visitors to come there, see what's happening and get options for other activities during their stay," Wharff said.

Enhancing the area's tourism, transportation and community camaraderie; all under one roof.

There will be a public meeting next Wednesday, August 12, at Lookout Park Community Center at 7:00 p.m. for anyone wanting to check out the project's design and give feedback.

The Armory Square project is expected to be complete by Fall 2010.

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