Cash for Clunkers in Need of More Money

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Many folks are calling the recent Cash for Clunkers program a success, but it's yet to be seen if it will get the funding needed to keep it going.

The United States House of Representatives has approved another $2 billion in cash to be spent on the program, but it's still waiting to be passed by the U.S. Senate.

During Congressman Charlie Wilson's visit to the area Wednesday, he said Cash for Clunkers has helped stimulate the economy and sell a lot of cars.

"I think this is something that worked even better than they thought it was going to, and was absorbed very quickly, so now they're going to add an additional two billion in it to get it to the next step," Congressman Wilson, Ohio District 6, said.

Wilson says the program is a way to get auto companies to the point where they can start paying back loans and keep business steady.

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