Not Just a Football Stadium

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From the time the concept came about, the Erickson all-sports complex has been an evolutionary process. The complex first opened in 1999, with games at the stadium, but now tennis courts have been completed, and new bleachers are planned.

“We just have our Junior High tennis championships there. Any given night, you might find anything going on there, and that's what this facility is all about,” said fundraising chairman Dallas Wingrove.

Fundraisers have gathered $400,000 for a capital fundraising drive which began earlier this year, but they want as many individuals involved as businesses.

“Jason Colvin, a young man who played football there, said 'I'll give a dollar for every point Parkersburg South football scores'. He's going to challenge other youth who played there to step up and complete this project,” said Dallas.

The Erickson complex is seen as Parkersburg South's stadium, but Wingrove says other schools have played here too, including schools in Jackson County.

“Every youth, the ones from high school and junior high school are going to be playing there. My grandson is going to be playing there someday,” Dallas said.

The Erickson facility will eventually be given to Wood County schools, but for now its development remains a private affair.