Cash for Clunkers Funding Awaiting Senate's Approval

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The billion dollar Cash for Clunkers program is running out of funding quickly, and now it's up to the United States Senate to approve an additional two billion dollars.

The Senate is set to vote on the issue Thursday, but for now dealerships are still taking in gas guzzling clunkers and selling more fuel efficient vehicles.

Matheny Motors Sales Manager, Kevin Hall, says the program has been a great help for the auto industry by giving customers a good deal.

"They love it. If they have a car that's a clunker that's worth $500 and the government's giving them $3,500 or $4,500, I mean they're excited," Hall said.

Hall says Matheny has received about 25 clunkers so far, but is still waiting on government funding to pay the vehicles' owners.

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