Helping Your Car "Weather" the Winter

Winter Weather
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The snowstorm that hit us last February was a cold slap in the face to those of us who forgot how it can affect us. And one of the worst effects of storms like these is on the roadway.

“The colder weather will lower the air pressure in your tires this time of the year," says Larry Wilson of Mahone Tire Service. "It's treacherous anywhere if you're driving in snow.”

Mahone in fact was kept busy today by people reminded by the weather we're expecting Thursday and Friday. Keeping your car ready for the elements involves having it inspected by a qualified and reputable mechanic.

If you do become snowbound stay with your car. If nothing else, it's an excellent shelter from blowing and falling snow. To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, make sure your car's tailpipe isn't clogged with snow, ice or mud. And for emergencies, a first aid kit with food, water, medication and a cellular phone is a good idea.

Another way of braving the elements doesn't involve a mechanic. It simply involves keeping your car's tank full of gas. Of course, a common sense rule is to avoid driving at all when bad weather is expected.