Where the Clunkers Go

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You've heard of the Cash for Clunkers program, and probably know that by trading in an old gas guzzler, you can receive cash towards a new, fuel efficient vehicle, but you may be wondering what happens to the clunkers.

Once the dealership disables the engine, the vehicles are taken to a recycling company where the battery, gas tank and tires are removed before crushing the vehicle.

The cars are then shredded, and the material can be used to make new cars.

"It will stimulate the economy both for the steel mills needing steel, and for people like us who recycle to keep the environment clean. It'll generate better sales, we hope, for the scrap material," Delbert Nichols, manager of RJ Recycling in Parkersburg, said.

Nichols says the majority of recycling companies aren't allowed to resell parts from clunkers, as a way to keep the gas guzzlers off the roads.

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