Another Candidate for Governor in Town

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One of seven republicans running for the governor's office in 2004 visited Parkersburg Monday.

Dan Moore spent the day in town meeting with local office holders, before addressing the Parkersburg Rotary Club. Moore says the answer to the state's current financial problems is bringing in more taxpaying workers. He also says any governor needs a different approach to taking on issues important to the state.

West Virginia's voter registration is 2 to 1 democratic, but Moore believes individuals are beginning to look past party affiliation when casting their votes.

"As I travel around West Virginia and talk to people from all walks of life," Moore says, "people are ready for a change. I really think party affiliation is becoming less important to people and the overall quality of life is more important."

Moore, a former member of the state business roundtable, believes the Mountain State needs a more business-friendly climate.