Marietta College Students Returning to a more Secure Campus

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After two alleged assaults that happened last Spring at Marietta College, Campus Police have spent the Summer making campus a safer, more secure place for students.

Every hallway in each residence hall now has a Via radio and an emergency call box.

The radio will sound an alarm when there's an emergency and a message will scroll across the screen.

The emergency call boxes can also be found at other places on campus, and the calls go directly to the police station.

Plus, the doors of residence halls and even some women's bathrooms won't open without a key card.

"We took the students' concerns and we asked for student input, and this is one of the requests that they had had, is if one of our female students was in the shower, anybody could walk in and she'd be in a vulnerable place," Chief Valkinburg said.

He also says they will be offering Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) classes at least once a semester

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