Investigation of Missing Files Complete

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The investigation into missing files from the Washington County Commissioners' office has wrapped up, and a report has been sent to the prosecuting attorney.

During the execution of search warrants back in February, sheriff's deputies recovered paper and digital documents from former commissioners John Grimes and Larry Steinel.

The search started when the hard drives of several county-owned computers turned up erased.

Sheriff Larry Mincks says Grimes and Steinel could be facing several charges including vandalism.

County Maintenance Supervisor Chuck Moody could also be facing charges in connection with assisting in the destruction of documents.

"We are recommending consideration for prosecution for three people; Grimes, Steinel and Moody. We feel that they acted maliciously and irresponsibly when they destroyed all of these records," Sheriff Mincks said.

Sheriff Mincks says many of the records included information on the county budget.

He says the majority of those documents have been recovered.

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