Malpractice: Another View

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In the past few years, the area has had its share of trials involving both hospitals and physicians. It's the potential for further cases that has those doctors concerned about what effect that will have on their ability to get affordable malpractice insurance.

But local attorney David Goldenberg says that alone isn't a reason for tort reform.

"The insurance industry leaders, and one of the leading malpractice writers in the state, and the head of the tort reform association, have all said tort reform will not help with rates," Goldenberg says. "Why take people's rights when it won't help the doctors? We need to find the real cause of this, and find a solution that lasts, that helps the doctors and won't hurt the patients?"

Attorney Goldenberg says that, while the courts have had a lot of the blame for the problem, another group should be brought under the microscope: the malpractice insurance industry itself.

"If the legislature wants to get involved, have people come in who know insurance and put them under oath, and say why we are having this problem," he says. "Let's get to the root of it; let's not punish the patients."

Goldenberg says the answer to the problem lies in all of the parties in the issue working together.

Area doctors plan to rally in downtown Parkersburg Wednesday on the malpractice insurance issue

That rally is scheduled to take place at 1 p.m.