Talking Saddam's Fate

Saddam Captured in Iraq
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Saddam Hussein could face the death penalty if he is convicted by a war crimes tribunal being organized by his own country, but when asked whether Saddam should receive the death penalty, the president would say only he has his own ideas on that.

So do local residents, and they were a bit more forthcoming.

“He hurt a lot of innocent people, and he should be dealt with in the same way,” said Carolyn Byrd.

When asked, “Should he receive the death penalty?” Barbara Devericks said, “Pretty close to that. Or punish him with life in prison.”

Iraq has set up its own war crimes tribunal to try its former leader, and a visitor from Tennesee believes the Iraqis should have that responsibility.

“I have faith in the Iraqi people that they'll do the right thing, I think that will give us some support over there,” Joe Skidmore said.

“I think that should be left up to the court system,” said Bob Hawthorne

An indication Americans still believe in trial by jury.