Volunteers Support Runners in Half Marathon

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The annual News and Sentinel Half Marathon brings out hundreds of runners and even more supporters.

Jonathan Watson is one of many volunteers who worked at a water station to make sure runners stayed hydrated.

"Some of them want a lot of Gatorade or water, but I'm just handing out water because I'm really not skilled at this. Gatorade tends to stick to your body, and I'll definitely need a shower after this," Watson said.

Volunteers give endless encouragement, and as the runners keep the pavement hot, they help keep the runners cool.

"I'd rather do this than run. Because running; I think I'd die after the first mile," Watson said.

"They really do appreciate what all the volunteers do for the race each year," Debby Matheny, a volunteer, said.

Volunteers help the runners get through the race, and the crowd at the end gives them the support they need to finish strong.

"Been there done that, and I understand that by this point in the race you're so exhausted that anybody who yells 'good job' makes it all worth while," Bernell McKinney, a supporter, said.

Organizers say this event wouldn't be possible without the help of volunteers.

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