First Witnesses

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Prosecutors say Jeffrey Elder put something in his client's drink to make her disoriented prior to her November 2001 hearing in Pleasants County.

A Department of Human Services caseworker said that when the alleged victim showed up at that hearing, her appearance was, indeed, unusual.

“She was walking on her own, but staggering,” said Goulder.
(Was Jeff Elder assisting her?)
“No. Her eyes were not bloodshot, but they just seemed big to me.”

The caseworker described says she later spoke to elder about the woman's demeanor.

“He made a comment that she was that way when he picked her up. Before he made that comment, he said she had pills in her purse. He reached in her purse and pulled them out and showed them to me,” said Goulder.

Something not discussed in great detail is why the woman was appearing in court. She ultimately pled guilty to third-degree sexual abuse for an incident involving a 15-year-old girl.

The first full day of testimony begins Wednesday morning at 9 a.m.