Hurdles in the Way of Proposed City Park

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A group of Parkersburg citizens are making waves over a new proposed city park.

Tuesday night, Parkersburg city council voted to clear a piece of property through eminent domain, paving the way for a new city park.

However, there could be a few hurdles to cross before that actually happens.

The property in question is at 427 13th Street, the park would be named in honor of Parkersburg native Mary Lou Hague, who died in the World Trade Center attacks on Sept. 11.

City council plans to spend $28,000 on the project, but some believe that's not money well spent.

"We would anticipate filing a lawsuit in the next 30 days to clear the title of the property. There are a number of heirs involved. However, the action taken this evening may upset that title,” says attorney David Underwood.

His client is apparently one of the heirs of the property. They want to restore the house that currently sits on the 13th Street property.

Councilwoman Sharon Tallman says a park is needed in the area. The plans include a fenced area with a swing and a basketball court.

The playground would help serve the schoolchildren at Mckinley Elementary.