Grand Jury Indictments

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Two suspects in a devastating Marietta fire last month have been indicted for a separate break-in in a Belpre business.

Terley Clagg, Jr. and Stephen Lemon have been charged with breaking and entering by the Washington County grand jury. They're accused of entering the Belpre Bargain Barn, and stealing several items including some dolls.

"They spoke to Belpre, we got a description of the dolls missing from the auction house," said Assistant Prosecutor Kevin Rings, "and took pictures of the dolls seen in Clagg and Lemon's house, and compared that with the descriptions."

The fire, which broke out early in the morning of November 28, was found to be set at the mad hen primitives business on Front Street. The blaze heavily damaged that store and others nearby.

Charges from the fire are expected to be considered by the grand jury next month.

"We recovered the property, we got statements," said Rings, "So we decided there wasn't much more to investigate in this case. It's really not related, they're separate incidents."

The grand jury also charged four individuals with an august drug bust north of Marietta. Melissa Flesher, Erica Hilverding and Jon Preston were all charged with possession of drugs, while Jack Watson was charged with possessing drug paraphernalia.

Hilverding also was charged with complicity in trafficking in drugs. Kevin Devaughn, 18, of Marietta, was charged with breaking and entering.

Devaughn and a juvenile are accused of stealing a variety of items from Cindy's Drive Through on Pike Street November 27, and James Ray Ball, 32, of Beckley, West Virginia, is charged with failure to comply with the order or signal of a police officer.

Ball is accused of leading Ohio and West Virginia authorities on a chase on Interstate 77 November 26 in Washington and Wood Counties.