The Money Trail

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Family members and friends of the alleged sexual assault victim of Parkersburg attorney Jeffrey Elder say they saw her make a taped statement recanting her story, before her mother went in the direction of elder's office to collect money for that statement.

Prosecutor Ginny Conley asked, "When she came back a second time, what did she have with her?"

"She had money in her hand," answered Nicole Swiger, sister of the alleged victim's ex-boyfriend.

"Do you know how much?" asked Conley.

"They said it was two thousand," answered Swiger.

But the victim's mother, who made the transaction, has yet to testify. She did at one point ask another girl to pose as the alleged victim to deny the allegations on tape, but that idea was dropped, and another family member said Elder's accuser was tough to persuade to go ahead with the plan.

"She had a couple of beers, she was relaxed," Conley asked, "and she still wouldn't say these allegations didn't happen?"

No. answered a family member on the witness stand.

"In fact, she was adamant about it?" asked Conley.

"Yes. And she gets really angry when she talks about it."

A state police investigator says several items were taken in a search warrant conducted on elder's home, but none can be directly linked to the incident. Elder is accused of one count of second-degree sexual assault and one count each of inducing or procuring perjury and attempting to induce perjury.