More Witnesses Testify in Daniel Keck's Trial

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More witnesses took the stand Wednesday in the trial of a man facing dozens of sex related charges.

Daniel Keck, II is pleading not guilty to 38 felony charges including rape, kidnapping, gross sexual imposition and pandering obscenity involving a minor.

For years, Keck was thought of as a mentor to many children in the community, but sitting in a courtroom, he' s now hearing several juveniles testify against him.

"Did some other things happen with the defendant that weren't perhaps as fun," Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Rings asked one of the alleged victims.

The alleged victim responded, "yes."

"Did the defendant ever touch you in a manner that made you uncomfortable," Rings asked.

"Yes," the alleged victim said.

One alleged victim claimed that Keck tried to molest him during his sleep, but the defense argues that may not have been the case.

"Did you ever consider the possibility that one of the other boys, since you all were sexually active, that one of the other boys might have been doing that," Defense Attorney Rolf Baumgartel asked.

The alleged victim responded, "no."

And after hearing some of the testimony, it was time to look at some evidence found at Keck's home during a search.

One thing that caught the prosecution's attention was what one expert says was a large amount of semen found on the bedroom floor.

"It was very alarming and that's why I took the photograph," Jonathan Jenkins, a BCI special agent, said.

"What do you mean very alarming," Rings asked.

"Because I've never seen anything like that. Usually it's a small section, maybe one or two small little areas," Jenkins said.

Looking at evidence and listening to testimony; all in hopes that whatever the outcome may be, justice will be served.

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