Shopping Until They Drop

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The season for giving is over, but the season for shopping is still on, and on the day after Christmas they were filling the stores and the malls, and they were there early.

It's now a custom for some retailers to open their doors before normal hours, thanks in part to the nation's largest retailer.

"I think a lot of the discount retailers, like the ones open 24 hours, have gotten people in the mode of shopping early, with extended hours," says Grand Central Mall General Manager Christy Swisher. "I think it's just the way our customer is groomed to get the early discounts."

Nationally, sales are only up marginally from last year, thanks in part to security concerns and bad weather in some parts of the country, but with warmer weather on the way, the post-season shopping season could bring smiles to some faces.

"Kids are out of school until January 2nd," says Swisher. "Sales are going to be going on now until the end of the year, so I expect the mall to stay really busy."

And while other malls not far from us are losing retailers, grand central mall is nearly full. The chairman of American's research group says post-holiday sales will only help stores that are close to meeting their goals.