Guns Stolen

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Half a dozen revolvers, similar to the ones shown here, were in a box in the back seat of an unmarked Parkersburg police vehicle when it was broken into overnight.

“One is a Taurus brand with a six-inch barrel. The other is an Intratech-22. They were all unloaded and there was no ammunition taken,” says Police Chief Robert Newell.

Police Captain Roger Echerd is in charge of maintaining the weapons, which are unclaimed property believed to have been recovered years ago. Chief Newell doesn't know the value of the items, but adds they can be bought and sold publicly.

“They're out on the street, there might be a public safety issue; that's certainly a concern,” says Chief Newell.

Chief Newell says the break-in appears to be a random act. He doesn't believe the suspect knew there were weapons there when he broke into the car.

“These are the type of weapons you can buy from any gun shop or pawn dealer. These are all .22, .38, .357 caliber, you can get ammunition for them,” Chief Newell says.

The chief wouldn't speculate what action would be taken regarding Captain Echerd, but he does say the revolvers should have been kept in a more secure location. Because the break-in happened outside the city limits, the Wood County Sheriff's Department is investigating.

If you have any information which could be useful in the case, contact the sheriff's department at 424-1834, or the Parkersburg police at 424-8444.