Preparing for Flu Season

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There was a steady flow of people at the Washington County Health Department Monday for the first day of seasonal flu shots.

Health officials say the vaccination protects against strains of influenza that are likely to affect people this season.

However, it will not protect you from the H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu.

Officials say those shots will be available at a later date, and the first stop will be local schools.

"We need to get the school age and younger children immunized. They're in a setting where it's easy to transmit from person to person. So, they will be our main focus to start with with the H1N1, and then the rest of the population," Valerie Betkoski, director of nursing, said.

Cost for the annual flu shot is $25, but no on will be turned down for inability to pay.

For more information on vaccine or flu shot clinics in Washington County, call 740-374-2782.

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