Update: Testimony Wraps Up in Child Sex Abuse Trial

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Update: 9/4/09 6:23 p.m.

Testimony is complete in the trial of Daniel Keck, II.

Closing arguments are set to begin Tuesday morning.

Update: 9/3/09 7:54

Nearly two weeks after the trial started, Daniel Keck, II is finally getting the opportunity to defend himself against allegations of sexual abuse made by several young boys.

"I have no sexual interest in boys," Keck said.

The prosecution's case could lead some to believe otherwise. However, much of his testimony helped put a question mark on that evidence.

One piece of evidence Keck can't deny is a controversial video where he and a male juvenile appear nude.

"Do you agree that it was offensive," defense attorney Rolf Baumgartel asked Keck.

"Yes," Keck said.

"Were you wrong to make it," Baumgartel asked.

"I was wrong to make it," Keck said.

Keck admits to poor judgment in the case of the video, but continues to deny every charge against him.

The prosecution will begin cross examining Keck Friday morning.


Update: 9/2/09 7:02 p.m.

For more than a week, Daniel Keck, II has listened to young boys, parents and others testify that he sexually abused male juveniles.

Wednesday, it was the defense's turn to call witnesses, and what they had to say about Keck is different from previous testimony.

"Whether it was in the house, outside the house, on trips or whatever, were you ever concerned about your safety or any of the other boys' safety," Defense Attorney Rolf Baumgartel asked a friend of Keck's.

The friend responded, "no."

Many who spent time with the defendant claim they've never noticed any unusual behavior, but from the prosecution's point of view, that may not be enough to prove Keck's innocence.

"You don't know if you were there every night those boys were there," assistant prosecuting attorney Kevin Rings asked a friend of Keck's.

"No sir, I was not," the friend responded.

"In fact, there were probably a lot of times that you weren't there, that they could have been over at the defendant's house," Rings asked.

The friend responded "yes."

Continuing testimony, which will be used to help the jury decide Keck's fate.


The State's last witness took the stand Tuesday in a Washington County courtroom for the trial of a man accused of dozens of sex-related charges involving male juveniles.

Daniel Keck, II has spent more than a week in court listening to testimony from young boys, mothers and officers involved with the investigation.

Tuesday, Dr. Robin Tener, a psychologist, took the stand to explain why some of the alleged victims may have been reluctant to disclose information about Keck.

"It's sort of a tip of the iceberg situation, where a child will give a few clues that something happened or might have happened, or that they saw somebody else experience it; as a way to let us know that they have information but that they really are very reluctant," Dr. Tener said.

During the cross examination, the defense continued to question the manner in which one of the alleged victims was interviewed by a police officer; arguing that it may have led to false allegations.

Dr. Tener was the State's last witness to testify.

The defense's first witness is set to take the stand Wednesday morning.

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