One More Time...

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When Mad Hen Primitives and another store located in its Front Street site were gutted by the Thanksgiving weekend arson fire, the businesses had a place to go, but the owners realized this Pike Street building was in a flood-prone location.

Tanya Benson, owner, Mad Dog Primitives, says, “We've been through this before with my dad's store. We've moved out quite a few times. We just didn't expect it this soon.”

Jennifer Gaston, owner, The Woolen Willow, says, “(The past few weeks have been) really stressful. We've been working really hard, and making the best out of a bad situation.”

Indeed, the owners of this business have been through this before, but this time they hope it’s the last problem. There's good news this time. The merchandise from the two businesses virtually the same merchandise salvaged from the fire was salvaged intact, and despite the fire, Christmas sales were encouraging.

”The fire brought our spirits down, but we knew we were going to be coming in here, and then the flood. So, the past few months, we've been on an emotional roller coaster,” says Tanya Benson.

In an age where the words used almost non-stop, the occupants of mad hen primitives are true survivors. Right now, losses to Marietta businesses and public buildings from this week's high water have been estimated at half a million dollars.