More Road Changes

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Motorists need to be aware of yet another change in traffic patterns, the result of Corridor D construction. Traffic to Parkersburg is now flowing in the newly constructed eastbound lanes on U.S. Route 68, and flowing from the city on the new westbound lanes.

That's going on while a concrete barrier is installed to the new eastbound lanes. Traffic by late this weekend will be routed to the new eastbound lanes while similar construction takes place in the new westbound lanes, but not all of the changes involve Route 68. There are also some important changes to nearby Marrtown Road.

“We've also opened a portion of the new Marrtown interchange to not only to Marrtown but also to Blennerhassett Heights, the Rivers office complex, the churches and homes in that area,” says Tim Kirk, traffic engineer.

That means that Marrtown road traffic is being routed onto nearby Moyers Avenue. The changes went into effect this week. Corridor D construction, discussed for decades, began in earnest in 2002. The last phase of the massive project is building a bridge across the Ohio River and Blennerhassett Island to the outskirts of Belpre on Ohio Route 618.

DOH official Darren Simpson says a contract for that project is expected to be awarded later this year.