Ladd Sentenced...Again

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For the second time, a Jackson County woman is sentenced for the death of her husband more than five years ago.

Robin Ladd of Ripley was retried in Wood County in 2002 fall, after her previous conviction was overturned by the state supreme court in 2000.

The high court in its ruling said statements of two witnesses who did not testify should not have been read during her 2000 trial.

Friday, Jackson County Judge Thomas Evans sentenced her to life in the state women's prison, with a chance for parole after 15 years.

Ladd also received consecutive one to five-year sentences for conspiracy to commit murder. She did not receive a parole recommendation at her previous trial.

Ladd denied any involvement in the murder of 47-year-old Richard Ladd, at the couple's Ripley-area horse farm, in October of 1998.

The incident happened at the couple's 15th anniversary party. She does have the opportunity to appeal Friday's sentence.