A Stinky Situation

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Many people have experienced problems with a leaky basement, but imagine having your basement filled with raw sewage.

When James Fletcher and his family returned home from vacation he smelled a strong odor of gas.

The next morning he woke up to find that his kitchen was covered in dead maggots and his basement was filled with 15,000 gallons of raw waste.

"I went downstairs thinking there's gonna be a pipe broken or some water. I made it about three steps down and saw three feet of water in my basement. Now I know where the smell is coming from. I've got stagnant water and a little later in the day, I found out it was more than stagnant water, it was raw sewage in my basement."

The Fletchers are mostly concerned about the bacteria and the air contaminants that linger in their house. The home is one of the oldest in Belpre and for the meantime the fletchers and their children have moved out.

A sewer backup, like this one, can cause diseases and property damage.

"We've had sewer backups before but this one's different because of the dirt basement and that's what makes this one a little more complicated to deal with, says Fletcher.

Most of the sewage has been cleaned up, but about six inches of sludge still remains.

After living in and out of hotels for the last three weeks, the Fletchers just want to return home.

If you would like to help out the Fletcher’s during this time, donations are being accepted at the Budget Lodge in Belpre.