Drive-Thru Bank Robber?

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An alleged bank robber couldn't cash in on his crime Wednesday night in Parkersburg. It happened around 6 p.m. at the Community Bank at the 39-hundred block of Emerson Avenue.

Police say 36-year-old Eugene Golden of Parkersburg pulled up to the bank's drive-thru, posted a note on the teller's window demanding money and threatened harm if cash was not handed over.

Bank tellers gave him an undisclosed amount money and immediately called police.

Captain Mark Holland says Golden tried covering up his trail by having a fake licence plate on his car and even put duct tape over the make of the vehicle.

Holland says Golden drove to Emerson Bowling Lanes on 36th Street and changed clothes in his car.

Golden then walked back to the crime scene and police say he took the note that demanded money off the teller's window and stuffed it in his pocket.

There he was greeted by an officer who says he saw Golden put the note into his pocket. He and off-duty officers that arrived on scene apprehended Golden at the bank he allegedly robbed just minutes before.

Eugene Golden is being held in the North Central Regional Jail on $50,000 bond.