The Heat is On...Or is It?

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The cold weather in the valley means our furnaces are running more than usual, and it's a bad time to find out your home heating system isn't running at all.

Older furnaces are more likely to conk out, and may have safety problems.

One local heating contractor tells us the best way to keep the heat going is a preventative measure.

"Here are certain issues such as carbon monoxide and venting issues from one year to the next," according to Steve Hardman, Sales Representative for Steers Heating and Cooling in Parkersburg. "Have the system checked out, especially if they're older. The newer systems are forgiving for the first few years, but after that, you need to have those checked out as well."

A heater that's running well can also be more energy efficient.

Hardman says contractors like steers have been busy in recent days, fielding calls from people whose heating systems didn't fire up when the temperature went down.