Testimony Begins...and Ends

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Fay Thompson and two friends went straight to Charlotte, North Carolina from Columbus, and after visiting a friend of Shelly Peeks, straight back to Columbus without stops. Peeks remembers commenting, along with victim Saquetta Henderson, commenting to Thompson about how fast she was going.

"I remember either me or Saquetta saying 'you sure are going fast'", Peeks told the jury. "We didn't tell her to slow down."

Peeks says neither of the occupants, including the victim, was wearing a seat belt. In a taped statement, Thompson tried to recall the accident. She said she didn't believe she was going fast, but does remember hitting a patch of ice on interstate 77, near the Wood-Jackson County line.

The driver of a truck on the interstate at the time recalls the vehicle went airborne before it crashed, after striking a tractor-trailer rig.

"The vehicle had hit the median," said Marvin Gaines. "It went right past my window, then rock and debris hit my window and the front of my vehicle and I just tried to get it stopped."

Prosecutors rested their case, and the defense rested without calling any witnesses. Closing arguments and jury deliberations are scheduled for Thursday.