Voters Concerned about Electronic Ballots

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Elections have come a long way over the years, and touch-screen voting is how those in the Mountain State now cast their ballots.

However, the new technology doesn't come without controversy.

Some voters voiced concerns about the system Monday in front of a legislative interim subcommittee.

The major complaint is that the machine's switched votes from one candidate to another during the 2008 election.

Wood County Clerk Jamie Six says there were no problems in Wood County, and he has confidence in the voting system's future.

"Without this audit trail of the paper then I would be leery myself, but knowing that it has that and knowing all the testing we do, I'm very confident in the results it produces at the end of the day," Six said.

Six says the machines that did have problems may not have been completely calibrated, or the size of the candidate boxes were too small, causing votes to be flipped.

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