Child Hoping for Return of Prized Possession from Late Father

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A Parkersburg family is coping with the loss of a husband and a father who died after a short battle with bone cancer.

Unfortunately, friends and family of Chad Lewis say his son Nathan's favorite memory token of his dad was stolen just days before his death.

Nathan Lewis was playing football outside Landmark Baptist Church in South Parkersburg last week when he says a car sped into the parking lot and someone took his football helmet that was laying on the ground.

Nathan says the helmet was special because he and his dad were huge Ohio State fans, and his dad had painted and fixed it up to look like an Ohio State football helmet.

"I've always tried to teach my children that people are more important than things, and although that helmet could never take the place of my husband, it's just something that my son could have as a memory that they shared together," Nathan's mother, Tarri Lewis, said.

The Lewis family says they don't even want to know who took the helmet.

They just ask that it be anonymously returned to their church, Landmark Baptist, in South Parkersburg.

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