The Return of a Prized Possession

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WTAP brought you the story Wednesday of a boy who not only just lost his father to bone cancer, but also had his most prized possession from his dad taken, but Thursday that item was returned.

The Ohio State themed football helmet that was taken from 11-year-old Nathan Lewis just days before his dad passed away has now showed up.

The incident happened last week outside his church as he and some friends were passing football.

Nathan's mom, Tarri Lewis, says the helmet was at the funeral home when they arrived for her husband's viewing.

"It helped restore the faith of my little boy in people. God took something bad and made something good come out of it once again," Tarri said.

Tarri says she believes whoever had the helmet returned it to the church, and then a church member brought it to the funeral home.

Nathan's father, Chad Lewis, purchased the helmet and fixed it up to look like a Buckeye helmet years before his short battle with bone cancer.

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