Reimbursing Dealerships for Clunkers

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The Cash for Clunkers program wrapped up weeks ago, but the government and dealerships are still working out the kinks.

There are several cases across the country where vehicles that qualified for the program through a dealership are not qualifying through the government.

It's uncertain at this time how these cases will be handled, but Matheny Motors' president, Tim Matheny, says he doesn't believe the clunkers' former owners will need to be involved.

Matheny also says overall, Cash for Clunkers was a big help for the dealership.

"Of those 50 that we sold, probably about half of them if the program was not in place, we would not have sold those vehicles and those customers would not have come into our dealership. So, it's definitely been a plus," Matheny said.

Matheny also says the government has picked up speed in reimbursing dealers with the clunker funding.

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