5th Grade Career Day

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Expose young students to different career options, giving them purpose and direction looking toward the future.

“I like shooting, I like hunting and I liked the rifle team,” says student Ellie Dario.

Young students got a glimpse into what could possibly be their future careers.

“We have 1,000 fifth graders from the county schools and they're here for our ‘Exploring our Tomorrows Career Awareness Day,’” says Teri King, counselor with Williamstown Elementary. “They get to visit with five different professionals from all walks of life to learn about various occupations and careers.”

Leaders in various industries mentored the kids at the West Virginia University at Parkersburg event. A local company made an impression on one student.

“I like the part where we got to see Dupont,” says Dario.

Interested and involved, it was a day of learning for the students.

“The kids were enthusiastic and they asked a lot of questions, and they got to participate and pet dogs and get their nails painted and do physical therapy exercises, so it's been overwhelmingly positive,” King says.

Educators say even at this age, the students benefit from all the information.

“Get kids thinking what they want to do with the rest of their lives because it's never too soon to start making these kind of decisions,” King says.

For Ellie, it was a hands-on experience.

“You get to learn a lot, like you can experience what you can do and I had a lot of fun,” she says.

It's great to enjoy your childhood but preparing for what's to come isn't a bad idea either. Then you can savor your adulthood, too.

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