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Carl Lee Munsey was a decorated soldier who died during one of the major battles of the Vietnam War.

"My brother was a land mine expert," says Munsey's sister, Sara Tate, "and he and his partner ran across this land mine. My brother threw his partner out of the way and it blew up before he got out. He saved his partner's life."

Carl left behind a son, Carl, Jr., who was a little more than two years old at the time. Sara, who was ultimately separated from him, spent years trying to locate him.

It was ultimately the website, which led the Sara's son, Harold "Bud" Tate, to Carl, Jr.

"It took several months of getting on different websites and putting pieces together that hadn't been put together in several years," Bud Tate said.

"He called me up one night," said Carl Lee Munsey, Jr., "and we just started talking, and we've been talking ever since."

Young Carl, 40, who is from Montana, has followed in his father's footsteps. He recently has served with a transportation company in Operation Iraqi Freedom and returned to the states to nurse an injured ankle.

"Do you think you finished the business left unfinished by your father?" asked WTAP's Todd Baucher.

"Yeah, I did," responded Carl, Jr. "I did what he wanted me to do."

Carl, Jr. plans to return to his unit in Kuwait to complete the remainder of his service in the Persian Gulf.