Repairing the Vandalism at a Valley Cemetery

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A few weeks ago a group of vandals overturned several stones in the Bethany Church Cemetery. People there worked to pick up the pieces.

Bva Rhodes has been a member of the Bethany Christian Church for 57 years. She's been the treasurer of the Bethany Cemetery for 35 years, she also has family buried there.

“My husbands parents stones were the ones that were upset, he's in a nursing home so bad off he don't know it ever happened thank heavens,” comments Rhodes.

Beva's husband doesn't know the damage happened, but now members of the Bethany Christian Church have a little piece of mind knowing 21-year-old Mike Snyder, one of the alleged vandals conscience got the better of him.

Now it's time to pick up the pieces, about 40 stones were damaged, and now it's up to the Kirby Monument Company to put things back in place. They have to dig down about 20 inches and pour a concrete foundation before they can reset the stone.

Not a short task for only one stone, and even for people who work in cemetery’s everyday, the vandalism in the Bethany Church Cemetery is upsetting.

Repairs should be completed next Friday, but the damage done to loved ones, may never be repaired.

About 40 graves were toppled, church members say some family members chose to restore their loved one's graves without assistance from Kirby Monument Company.